Harmonia Festival: A Journey of Spiritual Awakening

Experience the Inaugural Harmonia Festival: A Transformational Celebration of Self-Expression and Personal Growth Harmonia Festival: A Journey of Spiritual Awakening through Dance, Meditation, and Authentic Connections Prepare to immerse yourself in an extraordinary gathering where spirituality and celebration converge. The Harmonia Festival is set to take place from October 4th to 8th 2023 on the

PUMA x KOCHÉ Collaborate in a Gemstone-Inspired Collection

Introduction: In a captivating fusion of sportswear and high fashion, PUMA and KOCHÉ come together once again to unveil their second drop collaboration. This gender-neutral collection effortlessly combines functionality and fashion, drawing inspiration from the irresistible allure of gemstones and the powerful forces of nature. With vibrant graphics, jewel-toned pieces, and crystal-inspired prints, the PUMA

Top 10 Cafes in Brussels That Capture the Imagination

Introduction: In this article we will discuss Top 10 Cafes in Brussels That Capture the Imagination. Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, is renowned for its captivating architecture, rich history, and vibrant culinary scene. Among its treasures are enchanting cafes that offer more than just a delightful cup of coffee. These ten exceptional cafes stand

Exploring Freedom: Acne Studios Unveils a Playfully Contrasting Collection

Acne Studios, renowned for its distinct Swedish brand identity, recently showcased a versatile collection that embodies the essence of their pragmatic experimentation and constant renewal. With a seamless blend of ’70s tailoring and warlike adventure wear, Acne Studios’ latest lineup stands as an all-embracing exclamation of freedom, painted in vibrant technicolor hues. Beyond the boundaries

Discover the top ten location and picture-perfect hotels in Brussels

Immerse yourself in the enchanting charm of Brussels with our handpicked selection of the city’s most exquisite hotels. From historic landmarks to contemporary boutiques, each of these remarkable accommodations offers a unique and unforgettable experience. Discover the perfect blend of luxury, comfort and style as we guide you through the hidden gems and sought-after destinations


DUMBO and IUTER, MILANO IMPERFECTA: A PROJECT BY IVANO ATZORI Dedicated to an attitude, a style, a (counter)culture, and above all to credibility. To a truly international community that detests the idea of being an audience. MILANO IMPERFECTA is a collection of pieces that builds on the social, cultural and intellectual friction of the city and translates it

 Interview with Zaq Qureshi from Playa London

Interview with Zaq Qureshi from Playa London Zaq Qureshi is the master mind behind the emerging British brand Playa London that aims to bring some much needed Spanish sunshine and warmth to streets of London in a sustainable and ethical way. The ultra-comfortable shirts made with high quality Turkish cotton are produced by local families

Taylor Moraes Hassle Free Travel

Taylor Moraes Luxury Concierge is the brain child of Mark Taylor from a small village in Yorkshire, who fell in love as a teenager and Flavio Moraes from Brazil who worked in banking before venturing into tourism industry. Born out of a desire to share their knowledge and expertise, Taylor Moraes noticed a lack of

Interview with NEIGE designer Roman Buk

We had the chance to Interview with NEIGE designer Roman Buk۔ NEIGE is a polish streetwear brand that creates unique clothes with minimalist vibes for the youth. Their perfectly fitted details are the perfect marriage of streetwear and casual elegance. But its their responsible attitude that we particularly appreciate. They dont keep permanent stock to

Interview with Beatrice Bayliss Founder Emily

Interview with Beatrice Bayliss Founder Emily We had the chance to interview with Beatrice Bayliss Founder Emily, serious about sustainability. We love her clothes not only because of their quality, craftsmanship and aesthetics but also because of her focus on ethical and sustainable practices. Check it out. Could you tell us about yourself and your

Interview with Harem London designer Dee Ozturk

Harem London is a cross cultural independent fashion house inspired by two legendary cities: Istanbul & London. Founded by Ozturk sisters and later rebranded by Dee Ozturk, Harem London makes wearable contemporary clothes that feel good on skin. Designed and made in their Dalston Studio in East London, each piece is made using traditional techniques and

Prisma – Sustainable fashion from Greece

Prisma is a new sustainable fashion brand from Greece that offers a “Human Uniform” that is comfortable, minimalist and long-lasting while offering an innovative style that satisfies modern day demands and aesthetics. It’s a subsidiary of Modu Vivendi that has been offering fashionable attire to gents since last three decades so Prisma is not just

Districts of Milan – Editorial and interviews

Districts of Milan Milan based photographer Liya takes us on a guided trip to “The Districts of Milan” with models Ricky Pasin, Kamal Saad and Denzel Ezeoke. A beautiful editorial that shows the models roaming around the neighborhoods of Milan. The makeup and hair was taken care of by Arianna Lorenzato who also calls Milan

Azure by SZK – Not Your Ordinary Jewellery Brand

Azure by SZK – Jewellery brand infused with the African, European and Sub-continental influence in contemporary aesthetics Pakistani Jewellery brand Azure by SZK is not your average brand. With her African, Western European and Sub-continental roots, designer Sana manages to create art pieces with a blend of aesthetics that makes them truly unique, treat to


Top Ten Music Festivals in Europe So what are the top ten music festivals in Europe? The often frosty spring has certainly given way to the summer and while some parts of Europe are certainly warmer than others, summer is officially here. This coincides with the season of endless festivals and gigs. Europe really knows

Who Made Your Clothes

Have you ever thought about who made your clothings? Probably yes. It’s been a week since the anniversary of the collapse of Rana Plaza in Dhaka Bangladesh, a factory complex that housed several garment factories that supplied clothes to European retailer. Over a thousand fashion workers died and thousands more were injured. Sadly, it was

Afrodite by MG interview

Afrodite by MG interview photography by @dontmoveandsmile “Stay strong when its storming around you, when another unforeseen problem arises that gives you a week without sleep, just hang in there, face one issue at a time and continue working and improving. It gets better.”   Fashion industry is one of those that are particularly hard

Supplier SS23 campaign

Supplier SS23 campaign Japanese streetwear brand Supplier has recently launched their Spring Summer 2023 campaign shot by photographer Bob Ross. For this campaign they selected the city of Los Angeles as their location. Supplier started its life in 2018 with a store in Shibuya, Tokyo. They started selecting and curating upcoming streetwear brands from around

Happy 150th Birthday Levis Jeans

  The iconic American jeans brand Levis is celebrating its 150th birthday. They mark the historic event in its history by a collaboration with Italian brand Slam Jam. While Slam Jam might be a lot lesser known and much younger, it has been serving the underground scene since past 30 years. It styled the street