Supplier SS23 campaign

Supplier SS23 campaign

Japanese streetwear brand Supplier has recently launched their Spring Summer 2023 campaign shot by photographer Bob Ross. For this campaign they selected the city of Los Angeles as their location.

Supplier started its life in 2018 with a store in Shibuya, Tokyo. They started selecting and curating upcoming streetwear brands from around the world. Japanese target audience loves the Western influenced Streetstyle so their strategy was a hit with the local youth and those who loved streetwear. The pop ups, launch parties and similar projects helped to increase their brand reach and built up their image.

Soon enough they begin to see the gaps in the market and decided to fill them and full fill the customers’ demands by launching their first in-house collection in 2020.

Since then, their main moto has been to react on the constantly changing and unpredictable demands of their young customers. They want their designs to be innovative and exciting. They certainly have managed to do it well. Their customer base is no longer just local but their design aesthetics have gathered a global following.

It’s not just the designs that are the reason behind their success. It’s also the quality that they never compromise on. Unlike most other brands, they work with exclusive manufacturing partners to ensure that they provide the highest quality at the price range that is acceptable to their audience while offering fare compensation to the workers.

What started not long ago as a small store is now an international chain based in Tokyo, London, New York, Shanghai and Amsterdam. They are also proud to be inclusive with team member from multiple nationalities and backgrounds. They also provide opportunities to the youth with all the team members under 30 years of age. They want to create a borderless world at least in terms of creativity as creative minds from across the cultural and national boundaries work together to create new ideas for a gleeful uniform for the youth of the world. Throughout this creative process, the Japanese street style acts as a canvas and maintains a nod to Tokyo’s vibrant street style culture.

Their Spring Summer 23 campaign is a representation of the youth culture they support and nurture. The high contrasting images seem to be taken at dusk that represent the troubled times the youth of our time faces. It’s a tough stage of life regardless but this gloom is set against the care-free attitude of the models who are seen chilling around a local neighborhood, sitting in the local diners together enjoying a hearty meal or back at home. There is a sort of rebellious undertone to the atmosphere. Yet the smiling faces represent hope and courage as if they are ready to face whatever life will throw at them.

Bob Ross has done a great job in our opinion and we love the way the images have been captured. The garments look fantastic with the typical pieces, every day essentials that you will want to have in your wardrobe.

Which pieces do you like the most and what do you think of the campaign.

If you would like to see their previous collection named “The Racing Car Collection” check out our review.


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