Districts of Milan – Editorial and interviews

Districts of Milan

Milan based photographer Liya takes us on a guided trip to “The Districts of Milan” with models Ricky Pasin, Kamal Saad and Denzel Ezeoke. A beautiful editorial that shows the models roaming around the neighborhoods of Milan. The makeup and hair was taken care of by Arianna Lorenzato who also calls Milan her home.

We thought it will be interesting to get to know the team a bit so here are the short interviews with them. Let’s not only enjoy the beautiful images but take a little peek into the lives of those who brought this vision to live together.

Districts of Milan

Interview with Districts of Milan-based fashion photographer Liya

  • Since how long have you been photographing and how did you get into it?

I started taking pictures a little over two years ago. When my boyfriend gave me the camera for my birthday. From there, I feel like I always have the camera in my hand.

  • Who is your favourite photographer and why?

Juergen Teller.

I was never an excellent student at school/university. I wasn’t an obedient teenager and didn’t do everything right and in his pictures, its like I see something “wrong” too and I like it.

He does the pictures in the “incorrect” way. But its insanely interesting to look at.

I already know how to do the wrong way, I hope to figure out how to do it as cool as he does.

  • What inspires you when it comes to shooting?

Actually everything can inspire you. A movie you watched, a model’s face, or even a store with fruits and vegetables, a train station, or some particular house. You just have to open your eyes.

  • What gear do you use and what is your creative process from pre shoot to post production?

Sony a7iii, Tamron 28-75, 2.8.

I am of that idea that it is better to put a little more effort beforehand to get good shots even without post-production. Let’s say if I have to give a percentage: 50% of the work before the shoot, 30% during, 20% post.

  • What are the best parts of being a photographer and what are your least favourite ones?

The best part: you manage your time as you wish.

The hardest part: you work 24/7

The best part: You are your own boss

The hardest part: Your boss is the most demanding of all possible. 😀

Seriously, it is a very interesting job. Every day is different, you always meet so many beautiful creative people. It’s hard for me to name the really big flaws, for me it’s the best job in the world.

  • If resources were not an issue, what kind of shoot you would do?

Of course, if I had the unlimited budget, I would have a lot of fun. But I would say that rather I am more interested in the subject. I would like to take pictures of the famous people, especially the actors.

  • What has been your favourite shoot so far and why?

This is a very difficult question. I feel in love by every project every time when I do a shoot. It is impossible to highlight just one.

  • What would you like to accomplish one day?

I hope to see my photos on the city’s billboards.

Interview with the Make-up artist – Arianna Lorenzato.

  • Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Arianna Lorenzato, pro make-up artist based in Districts of Milan. I work in fashion system and with talents.

  • How did you get into fashion?

My passion was born during my adolescence and became a job after Covid. I studied at the international make-up academy in Districts of Milan.

  • Who is your favourite make-up artist?

I don’t have just one favourite pro make-up artist as this work is a creative explosion.

 Elena Bettanello because the work she did for N.21 fashion runways and her style is amazing, and Hung Vanngo who is my favourite celebrity make-up artist.

  • How do you prepare yourself for shoots and how does your creative process work?

Each shoot is different: sometimes it’s a personal project based on my inspiration and I propose the mood board to the photographer; other times clients, stylists, photographers give me the directives and I start with a research work looking on web, reading magazines and more.

In my kit you can mainly find products of high perfumery. During a shoot, it is very important to pay attention to the details and the make-up must be perfect for all shoots.

Another important point is the communication with all the team. It’s not easy as some people think: every day is different, I always meet different people, it takes organization and more. But I really love my work.

Interview with Ricky Pasin

  • Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how did you get into modeling?

My name is Ricky Pasin, I am 18 and I am a model for white Cross Management. Everything took place with them when last year, I got scouted by Jim Jordan, my manager in Los Angeles. Unfortunately last year, I was unable to work, so I started modeling just a few months ago and I didn’t do much yet.

  • What are you most and least favourite things about being a model?

My favourite thing about being a model is to shoot and always get to know new people but I don’t like the pressure some times that I may feel but I know I got to deal with it and I always try to take it positively.

  • How would you define your personal style?

I would define my style as elegant/casual. I usually wear brands like Armani, Jack & jones or Tommy Hilfiger and one day I will really like to walk for them.

Interview with Kamal Saad:

  • How did you get into fashion and since how long have you been modeling?

I was always interested in fashion and my dream was to become a famous model so I started participating in commercials in Morocco. It was part time job for me until I signed with my current mother agency in Brazil (Ravage) and started working for big brands in different countries.

  • What is the best and your least favourite thing about being a model?

The best thing in modeling is traveling and meeting new people and my least favourite part is the insecurity and stress that is caused by the constant changes.

  • What has been the highlight of your modelling career so far?

Well I for sure my current job with Armani in Milano.

  • Which brands would you love to walk for?

I love to walk for Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Versace, YSL and Louis Vuitton…

  • Catwalk or editorial work. Which one do you prefer and why?

I always choose shows. It’s a magical experience and its more interactive.

  • How would you define your personal style and what brands do you personally wear?

I love classy clothes, a bit sophisticated and smart. I rarely wear sportswear and casual clothes.

Photographer @dontmoveandsmile

MUAH: arialorenzato

Models: @ricky.pasin, @kamal_saad @dnzl.ezk


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