AmazonAntik – The Green Gem of Selcuk

While our days were mostly spent walking and sightseeing in Selcuk, AmazonAntik – the green gem of Selcuk was our perfect cosy home away from home. There are many reasons to add this small town to your Turkish itinerary. What was one of the biggest cities of the ancient world is now a small town.

Top 5 fashion campaigns

“The Pinnacle of Top 5 Fashion Campaigns Redefining Trends and Creativity” This is the time of the year when a lot of fashion campaigns and look books are coming out. While we always share the latest of the coolest fashion, we thought to share our favorite top 5 fashion campaigns so far. Do let us

Beach Life By Daria Fomkina

Beach Life By Daria Fomkina Check out the new editorial by the team headed by Daria Fomkina. Photographer:  Daria Fomkina Make-up artist: Lily Winfield Stylist: Tatjana Gladkih Model: Yasmin Batty Location: Brean Beach, UK Fashion Credits: Red trousers: Extro&Vert Crop top: Collusion Green high heels: Asos Blazer: Asos Hat: H&M Swimsuit: South Beach Tights: My Accessories White

The Best In Travel Backpacks For Women

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, an outdoor enthusiast, or just conquering the demands of everyday life, the quest for the perfect backpack can an exciting one. Although market is full of travel backpacks for women, It can be really hard to find the best travel backpacks for women, one that is just right for you.


DUMBO and IUTER, MILANO IMPERFECTA: A PROJECT BY IVANO ATZORI Dedicated to an attitude, a style, a (counter)culture, and above all to credibility. To a truly international community that detests the idea of being an audience. MILANO IMPERFECTA is a collection of pieces that builds on the social, cultural and intellectual friction of the city and translates it