Athleisure – When Did Fashion Die?

“Athleisure – When Did Fashion Die?” is the latest editorial by Ben Everden exclusively for Defuze magazine Athleisure – When did we give up on being fashionable and when did fashion die? In the ever-evolving world of sportswear, we find ourselves navigating a labyrinth of leggings, sneakers, and performance fabrics. Yet, let’s take a moment

Interview with INF designer Wei Kuo

Interview with INF designer Wei Kuo The interview with INF designer Wei Kuo was a special treat for us. The Taiwanese break dancer turned designer garnered global attention with his fashion campaign video during the Covid pandemic. The heartwarming story blends his love for local culture, traditions, and values while championing the positive changes modern

Interview with South African Models

We recently had a chance to interview five models from South Africa models about their experience of living and breathing fashion while traveling. Check out their interesting perspective. Christelene V Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Where did you grow up? I grew up in Pretoria, South Africa. A city beautifully overwhelmed with

Unveiling the Dazzling Charm of Nue Studio’s SS23 Collection

Nue Studio’s SS23 Collection showcases an exquisite array of partywear that captures the essence of glamour and sophistication. Embracing the “jewelry clothing” aesthetic, this release boasts designs that radiate elegance and allure. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights of this captivating collection. Radiate Elegance with Pale Pink Satin Slip Dresses Graceful and alluring,

Levi’s x Studio Ghibli: A Magical Collaboration Celebrating Princess Mononoke

In a remarkable union of craftsmanship and artistry, two cultural icons, Levi’s® and Studio Ghibli, have come together to present a collection that pays tribute to the timeless masterpiece, “Princess Mononoke.” Released in 1997, this Japanese historical fantasy epic captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with its stunning animation and profound environmental themes. Hayao Miyazaki’s

Y-3 Fall Winter 2023 Chapter 3 Collection

In a world where fashion and athleticism converge, Y-3 has once again transcended boundaries with its Fall Winter 2023 Chapter 3 Collection. Designed by the visionary Yohji Yamamoto, this latest offering showcases an audacious reimagination of athletic symbols, silhouettes, and materials, proving that sportswear can be a canvas for rebellious creativity. For more than two

Interview with BukawaSwim’ Designer Rana

Bukawaswim is the lovechild of the founder Rana’s love affair with the world of fashion that began its life during the tough times of pandemic. Today its founder Rana is successfully running this business that not only satisfies her passion for the blue oceans and pools but also committment to the environment that she loves

Pull&Bear Festival Electrifies Super Bock Super Rock

Pull&Bear Electrifies Super Bock Super Rock: A Festival Fueled by Music and Fashion As the music festival season reached its crescendo, Portugal witnessed the dynamic fusion of music and fashion at the 27th edition of Super Bock Super Rock. Adding a new spark to the celebration, Pull&Bear stepped in as the festival’s new sponsor, amplifying

PUMA x KOCHÉ Collaborate in a Gemstone-Inspired Collection

Introduction: In a captivating fusion of sportswear and high fashion, PUMA and KOCHÉ come together once again to unveil their second drop collaboration. This gender-neutral collection effortlessly combines functionality and fashion, drawing inspiration from the irresistible allure of gemstones and the powerful forces of nature. With vibrant graphics, jewel-toned pieces, and crystal-inspired prints, the PUMA

Exploring Freedom: Acne Studios Unveils a Playfully Contrasting Collection

Acne Studios, renowned for its distinct Swedish brand identity, recently showcased a versatile collection that embodies the essence of their pragmatic experimentation and constant renewal. With a seamless blend of ’70s tailoring and warlike adventure wear, Acne Studios’ latest lineup stands as an all-embracing exclamation of freedom, painted in vibrant technicolor hues. Beyond the boundaries

 Interview with Zaq Qureshi from Playa London

Interview with Zaq Qureshi from Playa London Zaq Qureshi is the master mind behind the emerging British brand Playa London that aims to bring some much needed Spanish sunshine and warmth to streets of London in a sustainable and ethical way. The ultra-comfortable shirts made with high quality Turkish cotton are produced by local families

Interview with NEIGE designer Roman Buk

We had the chance to Interview with NEIGE designer Roman Buk۔ NEIGE is a polish streetwear brand that creates unique clothes with minimalist vibes for the youth. Their perfectly fitted details are the perfect marriage of streetwear and casual elegance. But its their responsible attitude that we particularly appreciate. They dont keep permanent stock to

Interview with Beatrice Bayliss Founder Emily

Interview with Beatrice Bayliss Founder Emily We had the chance to interview with Beatrice Bayliss Founder Emily, serious about sustainability. We love her clothes not only because of their quality, craftsmanship and aesthetics but also because of her focus on ethical and sustainable practices. Check it out. Could you tell us about yourself and your

Interview with Harem London designer Dee Ozturk

Harem London is a cross cultural independent fashion house inspired by two legendary cities: Istanbul & London. Founded by Ozturk sisters and later rebranded by Dee Ozturk, Harem London makes wearable contemporary clothes that feel good on skin. Designed and made in their Dalston Studio in East London, each piece is made using traditional techniques and

Prisma – Sustainable fashion from Greece

Prisma is a new sustainable fashion brand from Greece that offers a “Human Uniform” that is comfortable, minimalist and long-lasting while offering an innovative style that satisfies modern day demands and aesthetics. It’s a subsidiary of Modu Vivendi that has been offering fashionable attire to gents since last three decades so Prisma is not just

Districts of Milan – Editorial and interviews

Districts of Milan Milan based photographer Liya takes us on a guided trip to “The Districts of Milan” with models Ricky Pasin, Kamal Saad and Denzel Ezeoke. A beautiful editorial that shows the models roaming around the neighborhoods of Milan. The makeup and hair was taken care of by Arianna Lorenzato who also calls Milan

Azure by SZK – Not Your Ordinary Jewellery Brand

Azure by SZK – Jewellery brand infused with the African, European and Sub-continental influence in contemporary aesthetics Pakistani Jewellery brand Azure by SZK is not your average brand. With her African, Western European and Sub-continental roots, designer Sana manages to create art pieces with a blend of aesthetics that makes them truly unique, treat to