Prisma – Sustainable fashion from Greece

Prisma is a new sustainable fashion brand from Greece that offers a “Human Uniform” that is comfortable, minimalist and long-lasting while offering an innovative style that satisfies modern day demands and aesthetics.

It’s a subsidiary of Modu Vivendi that has been offering fashionable attire to gents since last three decades so Prisma is not just an experiment but has a long experience to back its offerings.

The motherland Greece plays an important role in inspiring the clothes and accessories. It embraces the notion of reverse glocalization, where the local culture becomes the canvas for the contemporary art and the clothes become the modern art pieces yet they infuse the DNA of the rich culture.

To be more specific the designer looked into the epic historic poem Theogony, by Greek poet, Hesiod that portrays the birth of the first gods, Gaia, Tartarus, Eros and Chaos. They all depict core aspects of life and existence, Matter, Time and death, the creation and the void.

With that in mind, the first collection choses a light, neutral and earthy palette which will be the corner stones of all the future stories that Prisma will tell through its upcoming collections.

Prisma aims to be more than just a clothing brand. Its also a protest against the fast-paced world of the modern times and the side-effects of the digitized age. It urges us to take a step back, take a deep breath, slow down and get in touch with our basic human nature embracing simplicity and tenderness. It want to reshape our world and the way we look at things through a new prism, a new light.

The nostalgia of the old days plays an important role too. When we did not have phones. People used to sit together and interact on a personal level, not glued to the screens of various sizes. The laughters as people will sit around the table chat and gossip while having meals or playing board games.

Prisma envisions a fashion industry built, not on consumption, but on a deeper value for the products. We consume and a respect for those who made them for us while nurturing the environment. That produced the raw materials required to create these beautiful and style pieces that make us feel and look good.

Hence the premium quality raw materials and ensuring fair wages and working conditions are at the core of Prisma. So when you buy their pieces. You can be rest assured that not only you are investing into high quality products. That will last a long time, they are also good for the environment and have been made by happy hands.

While past is an important part of the brand, it does not shy away from the future. And the amazing gifts and potential it has in terms of new high quality materials and the new techniques to help in the causes it cares about.

In the centre of the brand philosophy lies the customers, people who are the protagonists of its story. Irrespective of their origin, race, colors, genders and orientations. It was people to feel good, comfortable, strong and confident. It believes that clothes can certainly do their magic when it comes to that.

Check out their website for their current collection pieces and let us know what do you think of their campaign.

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