Unknown heads to Egypt for their SS23 campaign

Unknown heads to Egypt for their SS23 campaign

We have been a fan of London based streetwear brand, Unknown for a while. And it has been creating bigger and bigger waves in the streetwear scene. There garments keep getting better and so do their campaigns. Their much anticipated pre spring collection was sold out in record time. Their social media is sky rocketing too, even their behind the scene. Instagram account that is set to private is also garnering a lot of interest as people want to see what they have been up to.

As Unknown heads to Egypt for their SS23 campaign they make us envious. Want us to follow their footsteps and book a flight to Egypt.

But the location of the campaign was not a random choice. The logos used in the collection and even the new silhouettes are said to be inspire Cairo’s police cars. Luckily they not chase by the police cars though. And the only cars we see in the campaign are the local taxis or those on the street. But from the looks of it, it seems like they had a lot of fun. As they hanged around the city of Cairo and its outskirts.

Some local taxi drivers also make as the stars of the campaign along with the models. It seems more of a road trip picture journal. You see the images from the city’s busy neighborhood. Some quite residential areas before the team leaves the urban area behind them and heads off to the natural landscapes.

As the Unknown team takes us on a trip with them to introduce this interesting culture. Its people and sun kissed landscapes, we see the models showcasing the latest campaign pieces. The bold big embroidered logos adorn the hoodies, shorts and jackets. Their rhinestone dagger range is back in bold new colors. One of our favourite pieces is the black shorts with the big dagger logos in blue color on the back.

We think that this new collection will only surge the popularity of the brand and the awesome campaign images showing the chilled out. Vibe will be a hit on social media platforms. Check out our review of their pre spring summer 23 collection here which was more of a monochrome affair. So a splash of colors is definitely a welcoming addition.

Photographer Isaac Lamb @ instagram
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