Interview with Polish photographer Wojciech Jachyra

We got to a chance to have an interview with Polish photographer Wojciech Jachyra. His images really stand out in terms of colours, composition as well as the body language and expressions of the models. Everything seems to just come together in perfect harmony to create images that are any thing but ordinary. His answers are just as interesting as his work. Check it out.

How did you discover your passion for photography, and what inspired you to pursue it as a career?

Cameras have always been present in my home. My family loved capturing various family events and meetings with friends, but my personal adventure with photography began in earnest during middle school. My parents bought me a film camera from the United States. I started documenting various school events, class meetings, science and art competitions. Finally, I dared to portray my classmates. The school space was conducive to the development of passion. So far, in my middle school there is a gallery with a lot of paintings from the achievements of local artists. Then I put the camera down for a while and went on to other things that caught my attention. During my studies, I took a job in an art studio in my hometown and there I met a friend Thomas who instilled in me a passion for photography again. I saved some money and bought my first digital camera with a professional lens. And so it remains. The road to photography that I do now was long, but if I had to do it again, I wouldn’t hesitate.

Piotr / First London

 Your portfolio showcases a diverse range of subjects and styles. How do you find inspiration for your various photography projects?

I try not to limit myself and close myself to new styles. It’s always a challenge to face something new, you never know what the end result will be and if your fans will like it. But I like taking risks, I like pushing boundaries and I hate stagnation and repeating the same ideas, it kills the imagination. When it comes to looking for inspiration, I try to be open and look for them everywhere, e.g. in museums, cultural events, cinema, even while walking. I always have a notebook with me, when something comes to my mind, I write it down. If it resonates with me, I let it mature and give it a lot of attention. It happens that before I implement the appropriate concept of the session, several months or even years pass. I know that for each project I need to meet the right people and then we can create what came out of my heart and head. I’m not rushing it, I don’t mind waiting. I’m patient and it pays off.

Piotr / First London

Could you share a particularly memorable or challenging photoshoot experience that had a significant impact on your photography journey?

While I’m known for doing photoshoots with men, I’ve done a few with women as well. While living in Warsaw, I had the pleasure of working with Polish actresses Michalina Olszańska and Helena Nowrowicz. The first one is a representative of the young generation, but she has achieved considerable achievements in the field of film, including the role of a sorceress in the Netflix series “The Witcher”, while the other has a huge film and theater output, and is also the first model representing “Age Plus” in Poland. Both sessions were amazing and beautiful experiences, the atmosphere during the photos was almost mystical. Both projects opened many doors for me and I was noticed by many commercial clients. But the most important thing is that I remained on friendly terms with both ladies, and this is the biggest advantage of creating your projects, you meet new people, you co-create an idea together and you don’t forget about each other when everything is presented to the recipients of your works.

Many photographers have a distinctive style. How would you describe your own photography style, and what sets it apart from others?

It’s quite a hard question 🙂 My work is full of contrasts, I love strong and colorful stylizations, but in some projects I ask models to take off everything they are wearing. I guess it depends on what point in my life I’m at. Once I need something colorful and intense, then it’s time to create something calm and delicate. Once I need a crazy session in the style of the eighties and in a moment I go back to inspiration from ancient Greece or, for example, painting inspiration from the eighteenth century. As I mentioned in the previous question. I do not like to limit myself, and I would describe my style as diverse.

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  1. The art of storytelling is often integral to photography. How do you approach storytelling through your images?

That’s true. I create moodboards for my ideas for the sessions, I try to create the right atmosphere, I look for the right poses that will be adequate to the topic. When I finish such a moodboard, I leave it for a few days and then come back and check if it still speaks to me in a creative way, if it does, I start producing the session, if I don’t look further. But I also have a few projects that I created very spontaneously, I worked with my intuition. I believe that such a process is also important to give yourself a little more slack and space. This is also needed in the art of creation, sometimes it is impossible to plan everything from beginning to end.

Saurabh / PRM London

What kind of equipment and gear do you prefer to use for your photography, and do you have any specific favorites?

I have been working with a Canon camera from the very beginning of my photographic journey. I don’t think it will change 🙂 In the near future I plan to return to the analog camera and Polaroid. I would like to bring a breath of something new to my fashion projects that has not yet been seen in my photographs.

Damian / Next London

Building a connection with your subjects is crucial for capturing authentic emotions. How do you establish rapport and trust with your subjects during photoshoots?

That’s right, it’s the foundation of a successful session and maintaining healthy and positive relationships. I always meet with the model before the planned session to agree on the subject of the shoot, it’s about breaking the ice and getting to know each other. This is very necessary because the model feels at ease during the photo session. I ask about my favorite music that I play during the meeting. I also try to build an atmosphere of security and trust. It’s very helpful. And above all, I don’t pretend to be someone else’s model. I want my sessions to be created in an atmosphere of truth and trust. It’s very important to me. When photos are later published in magazines or shown at exhibitions, I want people viewing my projects to stop for a moment and contemplate this moment of viewing the picture. For them to slow down and feel the truth that I created together with the model during the creation of the project.

Damian / Next London

In the digital age, social media platforms play a significant role in promoting photography. How do you utilize social media to showcase your work and connect with your audience?

I have official pages on facebook (Wojciech Jachyra) and instagram (@wojciechjachyra). These are the platforms through which I promote my work and contact clients. Of course, I try to publish all emerging projects on an ongoing basis and also inform my fans where you can see my photos, e.g. in magazines or exhibitions.

Matthew / AMCK Models 

Many aspiring photographers face self-doubt and creative blocks. How do you overcome creative challenges and maintain a fresh perspective in your photography?

We live in an era of rapidly advancing technology, for which we are unfortunately not prepared. We are stimulated by everything that surrounds us. First of all, I would advise you to keep your distance from the world around us. I love spending time in nature, e.g. mountain trips, walks in the park or sunbathing on the beach. We need to catch these moments of rest to maintain proper physical and mental health. If I feel like I have a blockage, I try to give myself as much rest as possible. If I feel that I am not developing for a long time, I look for new studies, I visit more museums, I read more books. Everyone probably has different preferences, but it is important to get to know yourself and not be afraid to work with your weaknesses.

Wojciech JachyraMatthew / AMCK Models

Collaborations are common in the creative industry. Have you worked with other artists or professionals on photography projects, and how has collaboration enriched your work?

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve worked with actors and actresses – it’s always a great challenge and thrill when arts such as photography and film or theater meet on the set. For one of my sessions I invited a painter from my hometown who shared his paintings for my photo session, which enriched the whole project and complemented the image of the model. Each session carries a different emotional charge, but each was very positive for me. I hope to have new projects with other artists ahead of me.

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The post-processing stage is an essential part of photography. Could you share your approach to editing and maintaining the integrity of your images?

The post-production of photography changes as intensively as photography itself. I used to be very careful that everything in the pictures looked perfect, today I have more slack. Of course, fashion photography is governed by its own rules and some things cannot be omitted, for example that the styling must look very good or the lighting of the model is to show his strengths and not harm it. I allow more freedom in that I haven’t been doing make-up or fancy hairstyles for my models for some time. I focus on naturalness and spontaneity.

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How do you strike a balance between pursuing your personal artistic vision and meeting the expectations of clients or commercial projects?

You always have to be professional and find the right balance. In my opinion, an honest conversation and exchange of ideas is always needed, then I, as a photographer and a client who commissions me to carry out a project, are able to find the right way that will give satisfaction to both parties. I am lucky that clients who come to me ask me to come up with a project that will reflect their vision. It is a creative process for which I am grateful and for the trust they place in me.

Alastair / PRM Agency London 


Photography is often associated with capturing moments in time. Is there a specific photograph you’ve taken that holds a special place in your heart, and what is the story behind it?

A few years ago, I organized my first solo exhibition “HUMAN PORTRAIT FASHION”. It was a collection of 20 fashion photographs showing my achievements of working with Polish and foreign fashion magazines as well as people from the world of Polish showbusiness. During the vernissage, I felt an inner connection with each person photographed. They reminded me of the moment when a given photo was created, as well as the buzz during the exchange of views, laughter or music we listened to then. From each session I have one favorite photo which is a record of the moments spent together, I don’t have one favorite session, it would be a hard choice.

Matheus / PRM Agency London


What are your future plans?

My notebook with ideas for sessions is constantly filling up so be ready that by the end of this year there will be some interesting projects that I hope fans will like 🙂

Matheus / PRM Agency London

You recently published a book. Can you tell us about it and how has the response been? Do you plan to publish more books in the near future?

The release of the book “BOYS” was an amazing adventure but also the closure of a certain stage in my work. It was very cathartic. The fan response was amazing. I felt the excitement. At the time of the announcement that the book will be released on the publishing market, my mailbox was full 🙂 The fans’ reactions were full of love and support and also cheering that they want more. In some time I plan to respond to these needs and this time release an album with the output of works from London. When exactly it will happen I don’t know yet, but know that there are such plans 🙂


Wojciech Jachyra
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