Y-3 Fall Winter 2023 Chapter 3 Collection

In a world where fashion and athleticism converge, Y-3 has once again transcended boundaries with its Fall Winter 2023 Chapter 3 Collection. Designed by the visionary Yohji Yamamoto, this latest offering showcases an audacious reimagination of athletic symbols, silhouettes, and materials, proving that sportswear can be a canvas for rebellious creativity.
For more than two decades, Y-3, the brainchild of adidas and Yohji Yamamoto, has been a pioneer in avant-garde sportswear, constantly pushing the limits of conventional design. With Chapter 3, they take inspiration from adidas’ illustrious sporting heritage and ingeniously transform previous seasons’ collegiate motifs into an entirely fresh context.
The collection’s apparel range boasts meticulous craftsmanship with unique touches like kettle stitch embroidery, chenille patches, puff prints, and engineered knits. These elements expertly adorn jackets, t-shirts, and hoodies, giving them a vintage varsity-style lettering that exudes timeless charm.
Drawing inspiration from the iconic adidas Originals Aloxe tracksuit, the collection also features a handpicked selection of quilted pieces with cutlines. Jackets, vests, skirts, and pants with distinct design elements add a touch of contemporary flair to the lineup.
Footwear enthusiasts are in for a treat as the Y-3 CENTENNIAL HI and Y-3 CENTENNIAL LO take center stage. These cutting-edge designs take classic athletic shapes and elevate them with premium materials, staying true to Y-3’s conceptual drive. Furthermore, the Y-3 SUPERSTAR, Y-3 MARATHON TR, and Y-3 GAZELLE receive modern twists, redefining the boundaries of sneaker design.
Beyond the clothing and footwear, Y-3’s attention to detail extends to a captivating array of daring accessories. Elevated totes, exercise bags, knit beanies, and caps add the perfect finishing touch to any athletic-inspired ensemble, making a bold statement wherever you go.
In the campaign for this collection, Y-3 embarked on a visual journey, capturing the thriving creative community of Berlin, adidas’ home country. In collaboration with local photographer Lengua and motion filmmaker Thyago Sainte, the campaign features a mesmerizing cast of musical figures who call Berlin home. LA Timpa, Tricky, Mobile Girl, Tobias aka Why Be, Bill Kouligas, and DJ duo Dimitra and Soraya, all share their energy and creativity in visually compelling settings.
The Y-3 Fall Winter 2023 Chapter 3 Collection sets a new standard for sporting-inspired design, pushing boundaries and breaking conventions. Starting August 1st, this remarkable collection will be available on adidas.com/y-3, Y-3 stores, and select global retailers, inviting fashion enthusiasts and athletes alike to embrace a world of rebellious style.
In a fusion of sportswear heritage and avant-garde creativity, Y-3 continues to redefine what athletic fashion can be, inspiring a new generation of daring fashionistas to embrace their uniqueness and push the boundaries of design and self-expression.
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