Time to head afield out for the Spring Summer 2023

After its spring 2023 collection, Southern Californian brand Afield Out showcased it’s Spring Summer 2023 collection. This time the brand takes us for a camping trip to a lush green forest.

It reminds us of the time we went to Iceland for a two week long hiking trip. Selecting a new campsite each evening and waking up to a new magical scene outside the tent each morning was something we can’t ever forget. It’s addictive. The calm and the peace you feel in the arms of Mother Nature is just priceless.

There is probably nothing more surreal than being in the middle of a jungle camping. Having a camp fire under the stars and falling asleep to the lullaby of the forest breathing.

But the fun comes at a price. Comfortable and reliable clothing is an absolute essential to make such hiking trips a lot more enjoyable and their hardship more bearable. And if you are into fashion than you also want to do it with style.

Wardrobe Essentials

Afield Out provides the perfect combination of all these important elements for those. Who love to be outdoor either beginners or seasoned enthusiasts. The collection has all the wardrobe essentials that anyone could need. For an outdoor adventure in the changing temperatures from spring to summer. There are t-shirts, crewneck sweaters, jackets, hoodies, climbing shorts and more. Few cool beanies and hats are also included in the collection to provide shade in the sun. And warmth in the chilling evenings.  The mushrooms and butterflies’ graphic prints reappear along with the cool mountain range logo of Afield Out. The colors blend you in well with the surroundings and unsurprisingly seem to be inspired by the nature.

The collection is available now online at Afield Out’s website. Head there to see what you like and let us know which pieces are your favorite?

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