London Walks by the Canal

London town is certainly no stranger to tourism nor is it new on the tourist map. Its free museums, historical palaces, countless art galleries. Lush gardens and quirky neighbourhoods have been attracting foreigners. And locals alike for a long time. But few tourists venture out further than the short lists of things-to-see. Which is fine if you are a first timer and on a time-constraint tour. However London has so much more to offer than Buckingham palace, Tower Bridge, Oxford Street and the likes.

Having spent enough time in London to consider it our home. We certainly know the city and its many charming secrets well. But it still never fails to surprise us with some more hidden gems. There is always some place new to discover.

Take the miles long walks by the canals, for example. They are probably one of our favourite way to spend leisurely time hanging around London. As the city is going through a massive transformation. And new neighbourhoods are cropping up. There is even more to discover. Fortunately the London canals seems to be playing a key role in the way. These new neighborhoods around them are being designed.

Paved narrow paths by the canal side go on for as long as your feet support you. Although they are very popular with cyclists as well and certainly increase your reach across the city. And make a great day out especially if the weather is nice and sunny.

There is just something about water bodies, be it a river, a lake, sea or a canal that calms your nerves. Walking by the side of these canals is a unique experience as they pass through various residential neighborhoods, public parks, trendy areas and tourist attractions. You will find yourself peeking through the London Zoo or see the back gardens of ultra-posh mansions. The sky scrapers may tower behind the trees in the distance or just stand tall by the side of the canal. You will find colorful graffiti and art work made from recycled material often found from the canals.

Then there are the typical narrow boats that come in all sizes and conditions. People who call them home and wake up to the views of water either do it for the fun of it or to save money. Regardless peeking into their lives as you walk along the canal is also a fun way and also makes for great images.

Now that the spring is certainly upon us. Cold weather is thawing away and longer days mean more hours of sunshine, it’s surely a good idea to check out the canal walks. Just remember to mind the cyclists who are usually very courteous.

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