Athleisure – When Did Fashion Die?

“Athleisure – When Did Fashion Die?” is the latest editorial by Ben Everden exclusively for Defuze magazine Athleisure – When did we give up on being fashionable and when did fashion die? In the ever-evolving world of sportswear, we find ourselves navigating a labyrinth of leggings, sneakers, and performance fabrics. Yet, let’s take a moment

Districts of Milan – Editorial and interviews

Districts of Milan Milan based photographer Liya takes us on a guided trip to “The Districts of Milan” with models Ricky Pasin, Kamal Saad and Denzel Ezeoke. A beautiful editorial that shows the models roaming around the neighborhoods of Milan. The makeup and hair was taken care of by Arianna Lorenzato who also calls Milan


INTERVIEW WITH KEMARA POL We sat to interview with Kemara Pol,  young but talented and upcoming photographer. He has already added big names like Lush, Google, Adidas, and Stella McCartney to his portfolio and has been published in Indie magazine, Tagesspiegel Berlin, Nasty Magazine, Contributor Magazine, Kunst Magazine, Metalhead magazine, and Pap Magazine among others. Interview

Escape by Ashton Elli

Stuck in the corporate life that seemed like a jail, all he wanted was to run away from it all and sleep in the sweet embrace of nature. All he could think of was an escape. So that is what he did eventually. Kristian from First Model Management was shot by Ashton Elli who also