The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort

In the south of Thailand, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the vibrant city, lies The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort – an oasis for body and soul.

The busy and noisy streets of the city eventually give way to the lush green hills. And plains of the outskirts, a stark yet refreshing contrast, as you head towards The Pavana from the city. As you enter the Pavana’s gates after passing through the picturesque winding roads of Mai An valley that surrounds the resort. It seemed like you have come to a tropical heaven. The shaded streets are lined with old lush green trees and well-manicured gardens are abound.

People come to Chiang Mai to experience the culture, history and liveliness of its streets bursting with life. The Pavana Resort, on the other hand, is a place for tranquillity and serenity. It is a wellness resort that offers a holistic approach for a positive transformation. It focuses both on mental and spiritual. As well as physical rejuvenation. It is done by focusing on, what they call. ‘The Five Habits to Longevity’ that consists of cleansing, healthy eating, exercising, breathing and mind purification.

For cleansing, they offer a range of fasting programmes from three days gentle fasting to seven days. Ultimate fasting programme that aims to get eliminate toxins from the body. Fasting has been proved scientifically to improve health and at The Pavana. It is done under the guidance of qualified staff and guarantees an improved sense of well-being.

Yoga is part of the daily routine when you are here with regular classes every day. Perched on top of the resort with descending hills on the side and spectacular views of the Mai An valley on the front, two beautiful patios offer the perfect location for it. Complimentary meditation sessions are offered twice daily.

Food being the fuel to our bodies, it plays a key role in our healthy living. The nutritionist experts at The Pavana offer consultation and recommendation for a diet that can fit well with your lifestyle is delicious and is packed with everything your body needs. Their restaurant serves healthy meals made from 80% homegrown organic ingredients. The cooking classes are offered too for those interested to continue the eating habits they develop while being here. Their detox centre offers delicious cocktails of different combinations of fruits and vegetables aiming to energise, relax or rejuvenate the body.

The local area is full of picturesque cycling, hiking and running routes. The visitors are encouraged to make the most of it. The tennis courts also give visitors another recreational opportunity to burn some calories or you could head to one of their three swimming pools to do some laps and then soak in the sunshine. If you fancy you could always visit their bamboo spa pavana chiang mai for a massage to pamper yourself afterwards.

Any time of the year is great to relax at The Pavana but if you happen to pop in during the festivals or special events like Christmas. Expect to be surprised by a multicultural celebration that might not have ever experienced before. As you gather outside the restaurant on the lush green lawns, the artificial snow sprinkles down from the edges of the roof pavana chiang mai reminding you of the traditional white Christmas at home. On the other hand, the dancers move in synchronisation to the beats of the drums. The local musicians play their instruments and the singers sing their local songs. This adds a very unique touch to the Christmas.

As it all ends and the guests feel that it is all over. You are asked to reach the top of the hill by either walking up or simply by sitting on one of the buggies. That escorts you to the bottom of the hill. The traditional lanterns await the guests. Kids and the adults both enjoy. The lighting of the lanterns and letting them rise to the sky with a hope. That their heart desired wishes will come true just the way we do when we blow the birthday candles. As the glow from the bonfire dies down and the lanterns disappear afar. The guests descend back to their rooms and homes back in the Pavana. A night they would all remember for a very long time.

The Pavana resort is certainly a place to go to for a week or a few days if you want to pamper your mind and body and come back refreshed and revitalised.

The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort

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