GVNMNT Fall/Winter 2019 Campaign

GVNMNT, Birmingham-based menswear label, has dropped the lookbook for their fall/winter 2019 captured by the lens of Matt Sheehan.

The collection is called No Man’s Land and fits the bill perfectly. We see Dylan Connal and Rorz from Zenigh Model Management on their quest to be the only men in their newly found no man’s land. A captivating fashion video accompanies the images to portray the mood of the collection. Through the open roads with not much human presence for miles, a drive that takes you far away from the dread and struggle of everyday life and delivers you into the loving arms of nature. A narrow path on the sand between low lying vegetation that goes all the way to the beach acts as a magical cure that evaporates all the stress and fatigue of the everyday chores.

The absence of colours adds to the mood of the video. It’s almost as if it portrays what goes in the heads of many of us as we stagger through the day stuck in the jobs we don’t like, probably working with people that we would rather not be with. You close your eyes and imagine yourself, just getting in your car and driving away through the busy roads to the destinations far and beyond, to your own no man’s land.

The streetwear pieces consist of oversizes usual wardrobe staples along with hats, shoulder bags with the trademark Infinite Chain Lock imprinted on them, cross body bags, and belt packs. The whole collection has got a touch of class. We particularly like their cross-body bags that are not only stylish but quite practical and handy either for the daily commute or while you are travelling abroad to have your belongings safely next to you. The coated nylon trousers are quite trendy as well.

The other thing we find very catchy about GVNMNT is their philosophy that in the unity lies strength. On their own, the individual parts of a chain can’t perform much of a function but once they are clasped together, they can manage to perform big tasks. In recent times with a wind of division spreading across the globe, this message is extremely important to convey to our youth and GVNMNT are doing an excellent job at it.

GVNMNT Fall/Winter 2019 Campaign GVNMNT Fall/Winter 2019 Campaign GVNMNT Fall/Winter 2019 Campaign GVNMNT Fall/Winter 2019 Campaign GVNMNT Fall/Winter 2019 Campaign GVNMNT Fall/Winter 2019 Campaign

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