Diesel and Coca-Cola The (Re)Collection 2019 Campaign

Diesel and Coca-Cola collaborate together to create a capsule, one-off collection created from recycled materials to help save the planet.

Every time a big brand supports a good cause, either environmental or of animal rights. A cynical side of your mind can’t help but sneer at it. You conclude almost instantaneously that they are just trying to cash. On the sentimentalities of a certain group. While it might be true but regardless of the intentions. A step in the right direction should always be appreciated and deserves an applause. It proves the success of all those countless people. Who raised their voices for that certain cause. Usually, it starts a trend that the rest tend to follow and even if it does not change the scenario entirely. With the passage of times it changes the attitudes of people for better consequently helping the cause.

Environmental issues have been on the table since a while with scientists, intellectuals and all those concerned by global warming and its consequences. The fashion world has also accuse of being one of the least environment-friendly industries. The fact that some big brands have been disposing of millions of pound worth of unsold garments every season, came to light recently. While some of the governments might have been slow to respond and some may have completely ignored this crucial issue for the survival of our coming generations, it certainly has gained attention. Many brands and industries have started to support the cause one way or the other.

Coca-Cola and Diesel are the latest brands to acknowledge their responsibility and have put their resources to create a unique one-off collection created by using recycled materials. The streetwear collection made recycled cotton and recycled PET fibre derived from plastic Coca-Cola bottles. The cotton tops, hoodies, jeans jackets and trousers along with hats have the quality and involve craftsmanship that you would expect from an esteemed brand like Diesel but uses the iconic Coca-Cola logo that has become so much part of our culture now. The mashed-up Coco-Cola and Diesel logos on many of the tops look quite cool. The hoodies and jackets that have the Coca-Cola logo on the back which are a few of our favourite pieces from the collection.

Fabrics being recycle bottles is not a new concept. And many brands have used the concept but not many have been that big and iconic like Coca-Cola and Diesel. In modern times, we are so use fast fashion that you almost feel. Forced to buy new stuff every season and dispose of the old ones. So it is even more important to be conscious of what we buy. And what kind of material is our brand-new wardrobe item made of. When you purchase something made of recycled material. You are helping the environment and when you buy something made of such material. That can be easily recycled, for example, pure cotton. It helps in the process of prolonging the life of resources.

This collection is just a one-off and we hope that more brands jump on this bandwagon and offer the consumers more environment-friendly options.

We love the images from the campaign as well with their chilled-out vibe. The campaign video is quite unique and interesting. It shows a bunch of youth hanging around (with a bottle or more of Coca-Cola, of course). As they head out to discover the new way to enjoy Coca-Cola. They are told that to find the new exclusive Diesel x Coca-Cola collection, they do not need to go to a store but find the nearest recycle sign and scan it. Thanks for bringing the attention to this so very important recycle sign Coca-Cola and Diesel. We hope that we get to see more garments made from recycled material from Diesel and other brands.

Diesel and Coca-Cola The (Re)Collection 2019 Campaign Diesel and Coca-Cola The (Re)Collection 2019 Campaign

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