Freshly established in 2020, Piki Poma is a Croatia-based fashion brand creating charming and captivating bags, shoes, and garments born out of a desire to “create things that will make your day and that you will pass on as a legacy.”

In a society where thrown-away consumer culture seems to be burgeoning and the state of our environment waning, Piki Poma retrieves this. An exhilarating change to the dizzying speed at which other brands crank out clothes, they take steps in ensuring that their business model is responsible and deliberate, from the materials they plumped for right down to the exquisitely handcrafted artifacts.

Let’s have a small chat with the new “juicy red fruit” of the future fashion!

FABELA – a crinkled dress with spaghetti straps

Why is sustainability important to you?

For us, it is the way of life we aim to. Awareness of the natural environment, appreciation, and responsible action towards it. Our creative process revolves around finding the best sustainable solutions. It requires constant improvement, innovation, and creativity. Piki Poma believes in mindful, careful, and slow consumption. Guided by sustainable and ethical practices offers timeless editions and strives to make a positive change.

A coquettish trans-season design that glorifies the classic look with its modern appeal.

What would you say are the key things that make your brand eco-conscious, and what sets Piki Poma apart from other competitors?

Our approach towards sourcing, designing, and creating small runs of collections is to maximize the benefits to the industry and society and to minimize the impacts on the environment.

We pay the most attention to the quality, longevity, and wearability of a product with a guarantee of fair labor practices. We pay less attention to trends. As we grow, our goal is to strive for sustainability in every sense and at all levels.

We believe that sustainable fashion can also be very creative and unique. That is why we are committed to constant searching and experimenting with new ecological fabrics. And innovative material processing technologies.

BAAL Sustainable Pleated Skirt

Do you think sustainable brands are only accessible to a specific market segment from a price perspective?

We think that sustainable fashion will become the standard. And that it is already available to a wider audience. Due to the growing offer on the market and creativity it provides.

Is there any difficulty that eco-fashion brands like Piki Poma have to face?

There have been many challenges and obstacles, from pandemics, materials, suppliers, manufacturing, material processing. But we think that unsustainable brands face the same. Sustainable brands need to experiment and research a lot more. Sustainable materials technology still cannot keep up with all creative ideas. But we are sure that this will change for the better very soon.

Crafted with 100% recycled fibers and permanently crushed in playful style.

We know it is not just ecological balance that matters so much to you, but also ethics. When choosing the tailors and artisans to work with on the production of your garments, what factors were most important to you?

Design, production, and part of sourcing occur in Croatia since this significantly contributes to cutting back its carbon footprint and allows for a transparent supply chain. All the people involved in the supply chain are treating and paying their employees fairly. We partner with artisans who share our values and we fairly compensate them.

We support fair living for small family businesses in rural areas. Mostly women-operated small businesses. All our products are handcrafted under fair working conditions, which is very important to us. Producing in small series, where each piece is a small work of art and made with high quality is something we do and we will stick to in the future.

Functionality and minimalistic design with the addition of changeable decorations make Wow clogs timeless.

What are the inspiring stories behind your mindful collection? Does the designing process differ from traditional brands?

There are stories to write a book 😊 WOW (wood + wood) clogs our first product, the reason for founding Piki Poma. We wanted to make clogs and it seemed simple to us, a piece of wood and fabric tape. How naive we were.

It was a long way, about 2 years from the idea to the finished product where we learned a lot about natural materials, production processes, and business collaborations all over the world. The design process is probably the same except you have to adapt to the materials and techniques available in the market.

Playful and flirtatious from cube to the cone. Born for fun, wanted everywhere.

Is there special features about your products besides their eco-friendly materials?

The idea of finding a sustainable and lasting alternative to fast fashion. And the desire to offer unique and high-quality products was the starting point. Our unique sense of style has manifested itself in luxurious. Handcrafted designs that all follow a single set of goals: to become timeless contemporary favorites made in a conscious and sustainable way. MEET PIKIPOMA – THE FUTURE OF FASHION

The clothing line is made with permanent pleating and crushing technique. Which makes it very practical and a perfect fellow travel. It can be worn in a small bag and should never be ironed.

Does the preservation of sustainable items require more attention than that of other products on the market?

Not on the contrary, all our bags and clogs are made from Cork leather. It is extremely durable, lightweight, water-proof, and easy to clean material. The membranes that make up the cork cells contain Suberin. A waxy substance that keeps the cork from absorbing dust, dirt, or moisture. MEET PIKIPOMA – THE FUTURE OF FASHION

Cork is the material that actually improves over time. As it is worn in, it develops “character” and becomes more flexible. But does not lose any of its physical properties. And for the clothing line, as mentioned above, you just wash it and go!


What are the fashion styles that Piki Poma is aiming for in the future?

We are committed to constantly searching and experimenting with new eco-friendly fabrics and with new and innovative fabric processing. That provide endless possibilities for creative expression. So we will definitely continue in that direction. As they complement our vision of functional and timeless models. MEET PIKIPOMA – THE FUTURE OF FASHION

TAGO Dress Tunic

Thanks, PikiPoma for taking the time to answer these questions! It’s been great speaking with you and learning more about your sustainable journey. 



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