Arte Antwerp FW21

Belgian menswear brand Arte Antwerp has launched its FW21 collection. Arte Antwerp is all about the fusion of contemporary artistic expression and subculture tendencies.

For the Fall/Winter 2021 collection they took inspiration from a very distinctive and extraordinary movement of the art history, Art Nouveau which is called by different names in different European countries. Although it lasted for a relatively short period of time. But its effects can be seen and felt even today. Its inspiration lied in nature and it was characterized by its sense of dynamics and movement. Asymmetry was created by whiplash lines and the material used was more modern for its time. Another important characteristic of the movement. Was the fact that it was created as a response to the industrialization at the time. It was when quantity was given priority over quality. And the mass-production era had only just begun.

So it made perfect sense for Arte Antwerp to take inspiration from that era and incorporate the fine details from it. Arte, in its own way have infused the contemporary style into it. The clothes are made using premium fabrics like nylon and 100 % wool. And laser printing has also been used on some pieces.

We love the campaign as they have chosen the main inspiration of the Art Nouveau. The nature as the theme. The high cliffs and natural landscapes set the backdrop of the campaign. As the models showcase the clothes in simple poses.

Which piece is your favorite and that you will love to add to your wardrobe? With its premium quality material at least you can be sure to use these pieces for a long time to come. Head to their website to buy your favorite item.



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