AmazonAntik – The Green Gem of Selcuk

While our days were mostly spent walking and sightseeing in Selcuk, AmazonAntik – the green gem of Selcuk was our perfect cosy home away from home.

There are many reasons to add this small town to your Turkish itinerary. What was one of the biggest cities of the ancient world is now a small town. Its old town still well preserved and alive. It was fascinating to see the ancient wonders of the world. From roaming around the ancient city of Ephesus with its jaw-dropping architecture to seeing where Maria.

The mother of Jesus, spent her final days, to walking on the ruins of the Basilica of Saint John where he was supposedly buried, to the caves of seven sleepers.  Turkey is one of those places where several distinct chapters of history overlap one another. To see the life thriving here till today is a fascinating experience.Fig and pomegranate trees are abundent and grow everywhere. If you are lucky enough to go there in the right season, like we were, you can eat all your heart desires and more.

But you most certainly need a comfortable place to stay. So as to recharge your batteries after a long day full of activities. We picked AmazonAntik and could not have been happier. The owner has turned this small place into an oasis. Its courtyard is brimming beautiful, lush green flowering plants and trees. The sky blue colour of the furniture, the doors, and the windows complemented perfectly the green plants and the splash of colours by the multicoloured flowers.

Each room had a little verandah with two chairs and a table to sit at and enjoy. A cup of traditional Turkish tea, if you wish. The rooms were sparkling clean, comfortable, and decorated with local souvenirs.The owner of the place is a local guy, Barish, who loves the history of the place. He was not only helpful, but his company was delightful. We spent quite some time sitting over the breakfast table discussing the ancient mythologies and the connection of Amazonians with this part of the world.If you plan a trip to Turkey beyond Istanbul, Selcuk is probably already on your itinerary. If not, well, you have got to go there. But when it comes to finding a cute, comfortable place. We can’t recommend AmazonAntik enough, that is, if they have any spaces left.

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