Travel Belize: The Hidden Gem of Central America

Ever heard of Belize before? If not, you are totally missing out on one of the best tourist spots, globally speaking. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Belize is confidently proving itself as a safe hideaway for travelers from all around the world.

Keep scrolling to find all the basic information about Belize and its attractions in today’s article.

First of all, what is Belize?

Situated on the Caribbean Coast of Guatemala and Mexico, Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America. Though quite small, Belize still has the benefits of stunning landscapes, lush tropical rainforests, waterfalls, and beaches. Furthermore, tourists can also enjoy thrilling Mayan ruins, exotic wildlife, and unique native traditions.

Belize Barrier Reefs The Blue Hole
Fun fact: This seaside paradise is UNESCO World Heritage thanks to its barrier reef, the second-largest in the world!

Visiting Belize, you will have a chance to meet up with the nation’s diverse ethnicities. Belizeans always smile and are very welcoming.

Belize people

Belize, with all that in its pocket, is definitely a hidden gem, beckoning for adventures and discovery.

What to do in Belize?

Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley

The old Hol Chan Marine Reserve was originally formed to protect marine life from overfishing and unregulated diving. As a result, this precious location is now home to amazingly diverse marine life. There are over 150 species of fish and nearly 40 types of coral – which makes a premier snorkeling destination.

Afterward, don’t forget to stop at Shark Ray Alley –  a dive spot crowded with nurse sharks and stingrays. And if swimming (safely, of course) with sharks ain’t your thing? It’s still fun just to watch them swarm from your boat and take some impressive photos for your Instagram.

Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley

Fishing Excursions:

Belize is a beautiful dream for fishing enthusiasts. Here you can experience 2 unique styles of fishing: Reef Fishing, and Fly Fishing.

Reef fishing tours are usually guided by professional captains. You will get to visit their secret locations to fish for plentiful reef species, including larger predators like barracuda. Finally, your friendly guides will fillet your fresh catch and the skillful chefs there will prepare them however you want.

Belize fishing

For those looking to venture beyond the reef, the deep-sea fishing tour is a must-do. Head to the saltwater flats for the ultimate angling experience with the specialized fishing guides.

Belize fishing

Scuba diving on the Barrier Reef:

Belize is a top-notched destination for Caribbean scuba diving. We recommend spots like the Belize Barrier Reef, the Blue Hole, Shark Ray Alley, and especially Ambergris Caye. Clearwater and year-round warm temperatures allow for comfortable dives, plus the exotic aquatic life, YOOHOO!

Belize scuba diving

Cave Tubing Adventure & Xunantunich:

This particular activity is a little tough on the traveling part, but it’s gonna be worth it. You will have to get on a boat and board a quick flight en route to Belize City. After that, there’ll be a 45-minute van ride to Jaguar Paw before you can start your zip line adventure.

Belize zip line

Arrive at the zip line site, your excitement begins as you zip 8 platforms through the jungle. Afterward, change into your bathing suit for the cave tubing adventure. You are going to be settled into individual tubes, then get to float your way through cave systems of limestone and crystal formation for 45 thrilling minutes. Watch out: You will probably encounter bats.

Belize cave tubing

Helicopter Adventures:

Helicopter rides to the most scenic attractions in Belize provide both breathtaking adventures and incomparable vantage points.


The Blue Hole & Turneffe Islands

Belize helicopter blue hole

Fly over the second largest Barrier Reef in the world as you head to Turneffe Islands. There’s also Blue Hole – the largest ocean sinkhole on the planet!


1,000 Ft Falls

Fly over the 1,600 feet tall, a.k.a the longest waterfall in Central America. From the helicopter, you will get a view of the entire fall surrounded by tropical rainforest.

Belize skydiving


The Maya Ruins Of Altun Ha & Lamanai with Airboat

Discover the magnificent ancient Mayan Site of Altun Ha. Your guides will share with you the history and provide unique insights about this Mayan civilization’s masterpiece.

Belize maya

Angel Falls Extreme Adventures
For true adventure enthusiasts who want a challenging experience, the Angel Falls excursion offers plenty of heart-pumping moments. Hiking, rappelling, and swimming — you’ll do it all during the adventure of a lifetime.

At this national forest, hike through the forest and prepare for your exciting 425-foot rappel down the side of the waterfall.

Belize Angel Fall

Adrenaline-pumping as it may be, you’ll have an instructor coaching you every step of the way, and ensuring your safety. At the end of the trip, make sure to enjoy a swim at the bottom of the falls—the ultimate reward for your efforts!

Belize angel fall

Why Travel Belize amid COVID-19?

With the concern of COVID-19, Belize is one of the most ideal destinations ever. The country is encased in nature, with 70% of the land being forested. Aside from that, it boasts many full-serviced eco-lodges, allowing guests to have every need taken care of without having to go out and risk contact.

Belize ecolodge hotel resort accommodation
Moreover, Belize has a huge amount of activities to do for every type of traveler, so you will never be bored. Many popular activities are offered right at some of the properties; no need to leave the accommodation to start your journey.

Belize hotel spa service
Last but not least: there are thorough and rigorous safety protocols for every new arrival to Belize. Travelers can certainly enjoy their time with a sense of relief as soon as they enter the country.

Belize COVID safe protocol

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