Lemon by The North Face

Lemon by The North Face

Urban Exploration by the North Face presents the latest SS20 capsule collection. Dubbed ” Lemon” it has been developed with the collaboration with Kazuki Kuraishi who has been working with North Face since a while. The collection is both for men and women comprising of 12 pieces of mix-and-match garments. Our favourite piece is probably the Tibetan flag inspired t-shirt. The women’s hat seems more inspired by Hijab worn by Muslim women. If that was intentional, it is a good step towards openness and acceptance. However you also see women working in fields in SE Asia wearing similar kind of hats. But perhaps this is the beautiful thing about the fashion that we can bring together different elements from completely distant backgrounds and create something meaningful and stylish.

We love these images. They take us back to the days when we used to explore our beloved London town. We would always find some new corner or the city that we did not hear about before. There was always a new place beautiful and worth a lot more attention.  Some times it was a small neighbourhood with few cute cafes or music venues. Or it was another beautiful park with unique details. At times, we would find another hidden off-the-limits place that our adventurous soul would take us to.

Our cities and towns are full of such picturesque little heavens worth exploration. What is your favourite part of the city you live in?

Selective pieces from the collection will be available to purchase on 2nd April 2020 and the rest will be available from 16th of April on The North Face website.

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