Hélas Spring 23 collection


Hélas reminds us to remember the simple good things in life with their Spring 23 collection.

With the competitive nature encouraged by the modern times, you can be forgiven to get so engulfed in the planning for the future or regrets about the past that sometimes we forget to just see all the good things scattered all around us. We find ourselves in a race. Rush, rush, rush to get somewhere, to achieve something, to be someone. But there is never an end. There is no destination. The chase goes on.

Hélas campaign shows us the contrast by the beautifully captured images by the lens of Stephen Khou. One image in particular stands out where a model is rushing on the road on a skateboard while the blurry background shows a basketball ground with and industrial looking buildings. It feels like a nod to that sense of rush, competition and coldness. Then there are other images of roses and of flower paintings, fountains rushing to the sky emitting the artificial lights.


These hazy pictures are displayed next to those of models sitting next to each other on comfortable sofas. Looking relaxed, smiling, leisurely walking on the streets, laying on the bed busy on the phone. Or simply laying down on the bed as one image shows the urban landscape with the setting sun.

We love the soft colors of the garments that look cozy and comfortable. The umbrella logo makes its appearance in various pieces along with embroidered versions of standing models.

While there might be a nod to the 90s, it pretty much presents the modern times and also the changing attitude towards life. If life is a meal, it better be savor, fully appreciating its taste rather than gulping it down in a rush.

Hope you enjoy the campaign as much as we do.

What is your favorite piece or look that you will love to add to your wardrobe?




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