Family – Filling Pieces SS20 campaign

boys on sand with Filling Pieces

boys posing together with filling pieces

It all comes down to ‘Family’, doesn’t it? When all seems to be falling apart, when we experience loss and grief and pain, a passionate hug from our parents or siblings seems to be the only way to relieve the pain. Similarly, when we are ecstatic and jubilant, when we are victorious and triumphant, our joy is not quite complete if it is not shared with our family.

But family isn’t just blood relations. It’s also the people we meet in life who become more than just friends. Who stand by us through thick and thin. Who are there to provide a shoulder to cry on if needed and to raise the glass to your accomplishments with you.

We sometimes forget the importance of those precious connections. But right now, as the world faces an endemic of the proportions never experience in any of our lifetimes, these connections of family are more crucial than ever before.

The Amsterdam based streetwear brand Filling Pieces has made this concept the nucleus of their Spring Summer 2020 collection. The designer Dieylane Cisse travelled back to his home town Dakar in Senegal to capture the campaign. He used unconventional model cast as he used locals of all ages to showcase the idea of family’s bond. Dakar is home to welcoming people who take their hospitality one step further. To them, anyone who comes to their city is like a family member. The city is also called “The Welcome Land” for that reason. Family is the core of Filling Pieces SS20 campaign.

The campaign shot by Miftha Bahardeen shows local kids and older men wearing the Spring Summer 2020 pieces. He used local streets, markets, seaside as the backdrop for his pictures. It shows kids playing together, men working or going about their everyday business. There is a sense of universal connection and kinship in the scenes. That is what exactly we need at the moment. We are all in it together and together we will go through it victorious having faced it side by side.

What do you think of the campaign? What are your favourite pieces? Head to their website to purchase your picks!

boy with the silver smile

boys on the sand

horse and the boy

fisherman on the boat

Filling piece boys together

Clothes on the line


Filling pieces on the local transport

filling pieces water games

shoes on the wall

Filling pieces hanging

blue hoodie

boy with the horse


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