Discover the Serenity of an Unspoiled Beach Near Amsterdam

ْWill you like to discover the serenity of an unspoiled beach near Amsterdam? If you are planning a visit and have some extra time, do add a day trip to Zuid-Kennemerland National Park to your itinerary. Trust us. You will not regret it.

City breaks have their charm, particularly if you happen to be in a city like Amsterdam. Wide canals lined with traditional buildings, beautifully decorated bridges, a chilled-out vibe with a minimalist spirit, and lush green gardens. There are many reasons to fall in love with the city. But unmanicured and unspoiled beaches, forests, or dunes might seem irresistible if you are a nature lover.

We were in Amsterdam for a couple of weeks and were getting a little bored of roaming around the same streets, so we decided to venture out. Our lovely hosts had left two electric hybrid bikes at our disposal. Although we were a little apprehensive about riding the bikes on the Dutch roads, we decided to give it a go anyways.

Our destination was Zuid-Kennemerland, one of the 21 National Parks in the Netherlands. Zuid-Kennemerland is near Amsterdam, and it’s pretty easy to make a day trip, even if you are on a bike.

We soon realized how easy and convenient it is to ride a bike in Amsterdam. Particularly if you have a hybrid electric bike so you can give a little support to your muscles when needed. Wide bike lanes were everywhere and well-guarded.

It didn’t take us long to get out of the city, and now grass-covered hills specked with red, yellow, white, pink, and purple flowers replaced the cityscape. The sky was a bright hue of blue, and small silvery grey clouds roamed its vast expanse. We crossed some bridges over roads and rivers and often stopped to take pictures.

It was not our first time coming to Amsterdam, but we had never done any bike tours, so this was a pleasant surprise. Soon we left the roads behind and entered the sheltered paths under the shadows of the lush green trees.

Zuid-Kennemerland is vast, covering 38 KM square, and although there are many hiking trails, we were happy to be on our bikes. There is so much to see, and bikes make it much faster and more enjoyable, especially if you are making a day trip.

We came across big and small lakes surrounded by greenery and picture-perfect rolling hills. Where sparse grass could not entirely hide the white sand at its feet. Passed through thick forests with old trees. We saw herds of horses running wild or grazing on the grass. Some European Bison lazed around, enjoying the sunshine just as much as the visitors.

We also encountered many hikers along the way, yet it was quiet. The further we went, the more dunes we saw. Eventually, after going up and down the hills for a bit. At times on foot since now the path was all sandy. We caught a glimpse of the beach in the distance.

The beach was beautiful, but it was extra special because we had to go through the national forest to get to it. There were no signs of human encroachment except some rough wooden hedges. Nature was left to flourish at its own pace here. The only human intervention was to ensure that it stays this way. And is preserved for future generations to enjoy the same views.

It was such a fantastic day out, and we were so glad we went there and will recommend it to anyone. Who is planning to go to Amsterdam.

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