The background of the fashion movie “Corn Face” filmed by Jean-Baptiste Pouilloux revives the liberal, newfangled mood, concurrently conjures up nostalgia for a bygone era. Just like a childhood movie featuring the game hide-and-seek urging us to lie down on the sofa to watch, the clip spellbinding us with the allurement of the wild countryside embracing house farms and vast cornfields. It is not baffling to recognize the theme of the collection inspired by one of Mark Twain’s characters known as Tom Swayer, while the radiant and delightful colors of the collection energized by the artworks of Hy (Henry) Hintermeister.

CORN FACE Spring Summer 22 Collection.

Although the photoshoot motif is not overly eccentric, polished, or exaggerated. It is surprisingly stunning, as if the garments have hypnotized viewers and led them to the middle of nowhere. Here at nowhere, 8IGB seems to throw their audiences. Into bizarre, disturbing, paranormal, and supernatural-type misadventure.

For fashionistas, regardless of their gender, this playful Spring-Summer 2022 collection is undoubtedly worth endeavoring. There are prominent items that can melt your heart, such as baseball jerseys in sweet colors. As marshmallows mixed with apron ruffles. Readers are also impressed by suits with San Gallo lace collars. And retro shirts designed with vibrant stripes and constructed creatively with buttons. Moreover, the flimsy knots on the cultivated costumes have fabricated a fantastic look. Conveying the liberal and vigorous spirit of the youth.

The uniqueness of “Corn Face” entices the audience with its chic yet rustic splendor. Seemingly boring but the collection utterly gives the opposite impression. Similarly, viewers are charmed by the outfits of a dolly who sits in the middle of a field. She is elegant and mysteriously dazzling as if she represents the nature of the place. The collection highlight frequently expressed through slouchy shapes and muted colors of the costumes that everyone yearns for.

“Corn Face” by 8IGB has opened up to an exquisitely surreal world that trespassing all the constraints of modern society. The vibes of photoshoots also evoke a sense of escapism through which portraited a fantasy where everyone can be true to themselves while materialism suddenly becomes meaningless.


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