Avnier Spring Summer 2020 Campaign

Avanir Spring Summer 2020 campaign

Running a Marathon is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, a 160 miles long marathon through the scorching day heat and frosty cold nights of the Sahara Desert is a completely different level game. It would test the limits of even the most resilient athletes. Hence Marathon des Sables is appropriately called “The Toughest Footrace on Earth”. The participants have to endure six long days of harsh realities of nature. But they get to explore its wild side that also offers a sense of freedom and enlightenment.

For Avanir Spring Summer 2020 campaign and collection, designers Sebastian Strappazzon and Orelsan from Swiss-French brand took inspiration from this arduous marathon. It is a privilege to traverse through the immense secluded and inaccessible landscapes. However, it comes with the price of having to endure the rough terrain and austere elements of nature.

The seemingly endless dunes of the Sahara Desert in a way represent infinite possibilities. Consequently, they convey a sense of freedom. It seems so far away from the everyday realities of life that you feel like on a different planet, a new world.  At the same time, the harsh climate conditions put invisible barriers in the way that only colossal courage and determination can overcome. The sense of excitement and jubilance goes hand in hand with struggles that one has to face and the pain one has to endure.

Life itself is a marathon, not much different. The freedom and constraints go side by side. The bigger the goals, the more challenging the path of progress is.

The campaign images also are appropriately fittingly shot in desert locations. We love the grittiness and rough looks of the images. Some pictures are a bit grainy and if finding beauty in the imperfection. You see a snake charmer wearing the latest collection showing off his skills. There are images in the hotel rooms, outdoor locations with palm trees growing accentuating the contrast of life.

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