YundAntik Ayvalik – A Tranquil Trendy Treat for Travelers

” Tranquil Trendy Treat for Travelers”

“We get a lot of positive reviews for our hotel, most of them five star but the journey to make Yund Antik Ayvalik Boutique hotel, a tranquil trendy treat for travelers, was a long one. This is all. Stone work done with hands.” Canaan Fergana, the owner of YundAntik Avail, proudly said this while showing us one of the spacious rooms.

“This place was in ruins when we found it. But we fell in love with the location. It took three whole transform it into what you see today. Now we get a lot of booking regularly through the our hotel website and other hotel booking websites. Each time we get a five star hotel review, it makes me feel proud.

She pointed towards the courtyard with stone floors through the window of the first-floor room. Exposed traditional stone walls of double story buildings surrounded it. An olive tree in the middle was full of fruit waiting for the autumn rain, so it could be harvested. “It does not rain much here, but we need the rain now.

It’s the time of the olive harvest, and they can only be harvested after a good rain; otherwise, the olive oil’s quality deteriorates as it gets a bit sticky.” The manager, IL knur, explained She had worked in different parts of the world at five-star resorts and hotels but had come back to her home town with her husband a few years ago.“Family is the most important thing, of course.” She explained with a smile. “The kids have places to play, the air is less polluted, and most importantly, our family is here for us, and we are here for them.” This sense of warmth, homeliness, and coziness was the first thing you felt as you walked through the door. Adorned with colorful glass doors into the courtyard of the hotel.

The architecture is traditional, yet new and gives you a glimpse of how most of the local buildings would have been when built. Comfortable sofas are perfect, not just to chill out with a cup of Turkish tea or anything you like, but also to appreciate the beauty of this meticulously restored mansion.

The rooms come in different sizes, but all of them are extremely comfortable and have everything you might need. However, if you need anything else, there is always someone at the reception to help you out. It is the start of the off-season, and we had the whole resort to our selves.We loved sitting in the sunshine, appreciating the tranquilly and atmosphere of the place. The small sunroom in the middle was one of our favorite places to sit.

Its multi-coloured glass windows on three sides and similar glass panels on The doors and the comfortable sofas made it a perfect place to have a cup of Turkish tea or coffee, or Play chess if you wished. The sunshine passed through the glass panels in the door and created a  multi-colored mosaic on the tiled floor.The breakfast was a feast fit for a prince. Fruit, desserts, bread, salads, olives, spring rolls, not to mention the Turkish tea served in traditional cups and saucers. The table was full of colors and appetizing smells. After a hearty breakfast, we had all the energy needed to explore the cobbled, narrow streets of Cinda.

The town is not too big, yet the central location of Yundantik means that you are not far from promenade. The central square and the markets on one side, and the quieter hills with some old Greek churches and old windmills on the opposite end.

We planned to depart early the next day to head to our next destination and informed. The reception that We will not need the breakfast. But it seems more like a family environment than a business there.The owner, Canaan, insisted that we take food parcels prepared by the staff for us so we could eat. on the way. Such a heartwarming gesture. Needless to say, we absolutely loved our stay at Yundantik Avail. The food, the architecture, the atmosphere, and above all. The hospitality and warmth we felt during our stay were all priceless. It definitely deserves a 5 star hotel review on the tripadvisor. Ayvalik and Cunda certainly deserves to be on the tourist map of European tourists.

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