Heading to a bar with mates, how about escaping from the norm? Try Speakeasy! Speak what… you say? 

Well, speakeasy is a type of secret bar. This model appeared from the years 1919 – 1930, when the US government banned the sale of alcohol and other alcoholic beverages (Prohibition Era). To evade the police, bars operate as hideouts. In modern day, speakeasies are legal establishments. However, they still keep the concept of traditional speakeasies: hidden, private and only allow a limited number of customers.

traditional speakeasy in the past in America from Prohibition Era
A speakeasy of the Prohibition Era

No signs, no advertising, you must be wondering what really makes Speakeasy bars so relevant and unique. Let’s find out!


An escape is what you really want from a bar? That’s exactly what a Speakeasy offers!

The hidden entrances to speakeasies are portals that disconnect drinkers from the outside world and let them unplug. As speakeasies cannot be recognized by random bypassers, you just come here, order a drink, can stay alone with your thoughts, and can be sure no one will bother you until you allow it.

speakeasy hidden bar hidden behind a coca cola fridge
Private space of a speakeasy hidden behind vending machine


Speakeasies give the ongoing intrigue of venturing into hidden establishments. Who doesn’t love this? 

 Not having any ad or signboard on the street, speakeasies make finding them become a quest. You will probably step through a sliding bookcase, open dozens of keys, read the password,… to enter the bar. And if you think that’s all, sorry, the speakeasy can completely refuse to serve you to ensure the absolute safety and quietness for their clients. In other words, being accepted into a Speakeasy makes you feel like a game winner!

speakeasy hidden bar hidden behind a bookself
A speakeasy hidden behind bookcases


High-quality and signature drinks

Since speakeasies don’t do social media marketing or advertising, the only way for them to attract customers is to focus more on drinks’ quality and customers’ experience. That’s why barmen, waiters and all people who work there do their best to perform their job well. Especially, not like the ordinary bar with a traditional list of beverages you’ve already tried, a speakeasy loves to offer you the drink you think you will never try or even never see before. 

drinks in a bar


Great ambiance

Speakeasies not only harken back to a specific era of drinking, they revive an era of entertainment. The style can vary from modern to hipster, homey but whatever it is, it’s always eye candy. Good music and laid-back feeling are also what make speakeasy an ideal place for people to come and cherish the culture of Mixology. 

The interior of a secret bar with luxury theme
Aesthetic ambiance inside a speakeasy


Speakeasies won’t treat you like a “client” 

Yes, I’m not kidding. When you become a regular guest in any speakeasy bar. You notice one important feature: you have already seen all these people here. There are no people who visit it at once and then leave. And even if you come here for the first time. They won’t treat you like a visitor that will have a drink, pay for it, and leave, but an old friend that they want to serve their best drinks. 

a bartender making cocktails


For adventure seekers, speakeasy is definitely a must-have experience. Here are some of the most intriguing speakeasy in the world that is worth a try in your next travel:

1. PDT (Please Don’t Tell) – New York

PDT speakeasy looks like a phone booth from outside

2. Ladies and Gents – London

Ladies & Gents London speakeasy hidden bar
Walk down stairs of an underpass in London and you will find Ladies & Gents!

3. Foxglove – Hong Kong 

Foxglove Hong Kong speakeasy hidden bar
Yes, this umbrella shop is Foxglove in Hong Kong!
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