Authentic hospitality and respect for nature and local culture are what makes Maison Wat Kor Battambang so special: The breezy shade of the lush green canopy of the trees, traditional architecture, a lake full of tulips, and mouth-watering local cuisine. What is not to love about Maison Wat Kor Boutique hotel.


Situated in the sleepy village of Wat Kor on the outskirts of the city of Battambang, Maison Wat Kor is just the right place for you if you are looking for an authentic Cambodian experience. The quiet village streets dotted with traditional Cambodian architecture lead you to the entrance of the hotel.


The Place


Entering the hotel is a welcome escape from the crouching heat of the dusty streets outside. The reception and the dining area lies right next to a small man-made lake full of lotus blooms. A traditional boat is moored at one side and a wooden platform with a thatched roof on the opposite side of the lake provides another beautiful viewing and relaxing spot. Narrow cemented paths under the cool shadow of the trees lead to the rooms and the swimming pool. The birds merrily sing their songs while the butterflies dance to the tunes of their music.



Maison Wat Kor Battambang dinning area

The Room


The rooms are in two separate buildings both built in the traditional Cambodian style. We stayed in the upstairs room in which Angelina Julie stayed during her filming in Battambang, according to the owner. The staff group photo with her and Brad Pitt is proudly displayed at the reception. The d├ęcor of the room is traditional but has got all the amenities that a western tourist would expect. The washrooms are simple yet stylish.

Maison Wat Kor Battamban dinning areag washroom

The Location

The hotel is located on the outskirts of Battambang in the village of Wat Kor. It is only a short drive from the city and the bus station.


The food

Maison Wat Kor Battambang food

The staff is really proud of their excellent food particularly the Khmer cuisine and they love to offer to the guests. Although western and other options are available too and equally good.


Why do we recommend it?


The atmosphere is calming and peaceful. It is just the right place to let your hair down. Spend the day swimming or laying by the pool or with a book. It is fun to try the delicious food on the menu. When you feel like hitting the town, the hotel can arrange transport. They can also arrange private tuk-tuk tours and they are one of the best ways to see the attraction around here.

If you head to Battambang during your trip of Cambodia, we will highly recommend you staying with Maison Wat Kor Boutique hotel. We bet you will love the traditional hospitality.

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